'Silence Of Souls'  is joining Silence with our Souls, which can only be experience individually by a seeker who is connected with self. 

As an individual seekers, we always search for a place, where we can just be ourselves. Hence, SOS is a place where you can meditate freely in the presence of nature. We are inclined in providing spiritual refuge to all those who seek peace, freedom of mind and heart.

We are not an organization, we are nor gurus, neither we are teachers. We are just simple helpers and seekers, who are helping each other to explore our inner core towards journey of life.That light cannot be given to us by another, no organization, religion, guru or any individual can make anyone free. It is possible to go on this journey only when there is the light which comes through the understanding of oneself. You have to find that light within yourself, which means that you must inquire into yourself, and this inquiry is a hard work.

We prefer meditation retreats in noble silence and welcome all who are new seekers and people who already on the path of self exploration.

Retreats At SOS 

VeDiC Retreats - 5 / 10 Days

Designed for vedic knowledge

Retreat is specially designed for seekers who are interested in VEDIC lifestyle and keen to learn VEDANTA.
It starts with vedic havan (Fire sacrifice) on first day for internal and external purification of sadhakas. Attuning for SANKALPA (determination) of SADHNA.
Introductory Vedant discussion will be part of this retreat (Please note its not debate, will cover only basic introductory knowledge what RISHIS (Sages) recited in VEDIC HYMNS).
For entering deep to the core of SADHAKAS, music with meditation for one hour is essential of this retreat, which also include active participation of SADHAKAS to remove any emotional blockage.
Tracking to nearest forest temple for PUJA (Worship) and meditation to feel the energy of nature. In 10 Days Schedule visit to Shaktipeetha will also cover.
Yoga and pranayam is the integral part of daily schedule. Most of the asanas focus on breath and body awareness
Chants of VEDIC HYMNS and Mantras with awareness of breath.
 Supreme knowledge through chants and discourse

Note:- For Detailed Schedule visit event description in RETREATS CALENDAR section or contact us on [email protected] 

Full Moon Retreat

5- Days retreat during full moon days

Moon in Sanskrit is called CHANDRA means illustrious.  Moon is presiding deity of Water and rules over the tides of sea, which impacts mind- emotions, thought processes, feeling and mental processes. Moon creates subtle influence in our journey of life.

Being deity of water, the moon has an effect on water and our body is consists of 60% water, so the impact of moon rays can be experienced on our body and mind clearly through our emotions and thoughts . So full moon day (Purnima) is important and beneficial for meditation. As food that we consume is converted into 2 parts – mind energy and PRANA. The mind energy is centered in the pineal gland area from which vital hormones get secreted. The moon enters in this gland to take control of all our activities from night till the time we wake up. The rays of the moon affect human beings, animals, plants, water and so on. So the full moon meditation is a time of positive opportunity by using it correctly with meditation. It can increase positive energy within you or if ignored it can wreak havoc on human emotions. 

Full moon meditation with chanting pours down a tremendous amount of energy, to keep calm state of mind. Whatever is going on in body, mind and spirit will be amplified with full moon meditation also. 

Music Training Retreat

Spiritual Journey in Indian classical Music

Indian Classical music is a spiritual journey and experience to feel divinity of universe. Form ancient Indian scriptures, SAM VEDA is important text, with hymns of prayers  of supreme with melodic elements for singing. So originally Indian classical music has roots in devotion for Lord, which was gradually impacted by external factors. SOS provide training retreats in Indian Classical Music to experience the energy, bliss and power to reach ones inner self.

Learn Indian Classical Music

Daily 6-7 Hours, Music theory and Practical

Covers Boarding and Loading at SOS premise

Peaceful Environment with view of Snow Peaks of Himalaya

Best and ideal place in summer, pleasant climate

SOS In the surrounding of nature

Training from Experienced teachers

Further Classes can be conducted on-line with help of SKYPE, or GOOGLE HANGOUT, FACEBOOK Etc.

Modernized methods of instruction

You can record your music what you learned in the duration of your course at SOS home studio also.

100 Hrs (15 Days)- Prarambhik ( Elementary)  Level-1

Classical Vocal (With Harmonium)

Introduction of Indian Classical Music

Knowledge of Swaras, Vadi, Samvadi,

Basic Knowledge of Talas- Basic Counting, Tali, Khali, Matra, Teen Tal (16 Count), Kehrava (8 Count)

Learning Chhota Khayal in one raga in this course.

Sitar - Instrumental

Introduction of Indian Classical Music

Sitar Introduction

Knowledge of Swaras, Vadi, Samvadi,

Basic Knowledge of Talas- Basic Counting, Tali, Khali, Matra, Teen Tal (16 Count), Kehrava (8 Count)

Learning Sitar GAT (Composition) in one raga in this course.

Tabla- Instrumental

Introduction of Indian Classical Music

Tabla Introduction

Knowledge of Tabla BOLS (Notes)

Basic Knowledge of Talas- Basic Counting, Tali, Khali, Matra

Learning , Teen Tal (16 Count), Kehrava (8 Count)in this course.

Note:- Music Retreat is open all year and are not published in RETREATS CALENDAR Section. For any enquiry please contact us at [email protected]

Silence Retreat

5 to 10 Days Silence Retreats 

Retreat is only for serious SADHAKS who are willing to go in deep Silence to explore their inner selves

Retreat Schedule

5:00 - 6:00 AM Wake-up Call and morning walk with sunrise and birds song

06:30 -08:00 AM Morning Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation

8:30 - 9:30 AM Breakfast

9:30 - 11:00 AM Time for Self 

11:00 AM- 12:00 PM Group Meditation

12:00 - 3.30 PM Lunch and Relaxation

4:00 - 5:00 PM Group Meditation

5:00 - 6:00 PM Tea Break

6:00 - 7:00 PM Group Meditation

7:00 PM - 7:45 PM Dinner

8:00 - 8:30 PM Group  Meditation

For any enquiry please contact us at [email protected]

Individual Retreat

For Seekers, artists

There are quite a few ways to meditate, but no matter whose path you follow, your own or somebody else’s, there is a general rule: You cannot allow your mind to be restless or agitated. You have to try to make the mind calm and quiet, like the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. This advice all the spiritual Masters will give.

How will you make the mind calm and quiet? The mind has its own power, but right now your determination does not have the same degree of power. The mind’s power is now stronger than your present eagerness to meditate. But if you can get help from your heart, then easily you will be able to control the mind. The heart gets constant assistance from the soul; and the soul has all light and all power. If you take help from the heart, then you won’t allow all kinds of silly rubbish — unlit, undivine thoughts — to enter into your mind. 

Each one is allowed to meditate in his own way. Concentrate on your soul and bring the soul forward. You can consciously create a pure vibration and keep a sincere attitude, then it is easier for your soul to remain at the fore and to receive everything from supreme.

Love, devotion and surrender are the cornerstones of our philosophy because we feel that they make up the true sunlit path which can lead the aspirant to the Goal very fast. If you want to enter into consciousness, the best approach is that of love, devotion and surrender to supreme.

Our Individual Retreats are specially designed for serious meditators who often need secluded and harmonious environment  for their meditation.

It is also for artists (as painters, poets, musicians) who like non-disturbing environment to explore themselves more in Silence. In Individual Retreats, silence does not means the way to stop talking but to rejoice more in the presence of nature, knowing more about oneself, rejuvenating one's mind and body.

In 'Individual Retreat' seeker/participant has to attend for morning and evening Group meditation, beside that there is no particular schedule for the retreat . And Silence still will be of utmost important.  

Participants are welcome to apply for individual retreats ranging from 5 days to a month.

Note:- Music Retreat and Individual Retreats are open all year and are not published in RETREATS CALENDAR Section. For any enquiry please contact us at [email protected]